432128_10150565155992191_394961578_nPhilanthropy and charity is a core value of Navika Girl.

Navika Girl is committed to sisterhood and sorority. There is no feeling more powerful and no moment more meaningful than when you become part of an organized group of women who band together to raise awareness for and support a worthy cause.

With your purchase, we make a promise to give back.  A portion of the sale of all of our products will be donated to a charity that benefits women. We will ask for your help in picking a cause that all of our sisters can get behind and be passionate about supporting.

We love fashion but more importantly Navika Girl is about Fashion with Heart.

Wear Navika Girl, Give Navika Girl, Sell Navika Girl, Join the Navika Girl sisterhood and you help us make a difference. Can you ask for any better feeling than knowing you are part of a network of women who, together, have the power to change lives?