The Concept – Sisters By Heart

Our Mission: To create a global sisterhood network by sharing fashion with heart.

Navika Girl is revolutionizing and (more importantly) personalizing, the jewelry social-selling business opportunity. We celebrate the beauty of sisterhood and family with the knowledge that families support and make each other better. We combine that power of the sisterhood network with inspired jewelry concepts and social media innovation to create a powerful social-selling community.

We believe that all women are sisters by heart and that we are here to support our sister’s growth and enhance each sister’s well-being.  Our social selling concept reflects our mission to promote the personal development of our sisters.

Nita – Our Visionary and Design Genius

Our Founder, Navneet Mehta (“Nita”) is the “Na” in Navika. She is the mother of two daughters – Vineet and Kanika – who represent the “vi” and “ka” in Navika respectively.  She started Navika in 1984 from her living room as an in-home jewelry business. She sold her own designs, each day hitting the road with a sales goal and easily returning home at the end of the day having met and exceeded those goals.  Her happy customers began asking how they could do what she did and before long she had a team of 50 excited women selling her jewelry and unable to get their hands on enough of it!

Nita has always envisioned a Company that offered women an opportunity to love their work and also provided them with a flexible alternative to the traditional nine-to-five grind.  Family is at the heart of everything Nita does. Nita’s mission is to build a network of women using innovative social-selling and community building marketing techniques to create a sisterhood that offers women support and success. Her concept incorporates fashion, heart, profit, charity and fun.

With impeccable style and exquisite taste, Nita and the Navika Girl team create designer quality jewelry with innovative twists that you can’t get anywhere else!


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Since 1984, Navika USA Inc has become an industry leader as one of the most trusted and respected suppliers of quality golf and tennis accessories, and gift items. Navika USA specializes in custom tournament awards and prizes for major professional, local amateur, as well as collegiate and high school events.

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